Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gun Bans

Gun Bans dont work plain and simple. Why because only the law abiding citizens will follow the ruling. So Average Joe is at home with his family when Breakin Bill comes along and decides to break into the house. Now Joe because of a recent gun ban is unarmed but Breakin Bill isnt; hes carrying the latest in Semi Automatic handguns and he's in the mood to kill. Below are two scenarios

1.) Average Joe hears Breakin Bill and places his family in a room and locks the door; he uses his cell phone to call the police. Breakin Bill hears the whimpering cries of Average Joe's and Plain Jane's youngest daughter Scared Sally. Breakin Bill shoots the lock off the door behind which Average Joe and his family are huddled. Breakin Bill decides to start with Scared Sally; he shoots each of the family members in order from youngest to oldest and leaves Average Joe for last. Average Joe's last thoughts are along the lines of "If I had been able to keep a fire arm in my house then I would not be facing this situation I could have defended my family." BOOOOM! The police arrive 20 minutes later to find Average Joe and his family murdered execution style ....................................

2.) Average Joe is sleeping one night when he hears a noise from downstairs; he grabs his gun and heads down the stairs. There at the bottom of the stairs is Breakin Bill; Joe being armed and certified to use his pistol in defense of his own home takes aim at Breakin Bills leg and calls out "Get out of my house" As Breakin Bill turns Joe sees the gun; quickly squeezing the trigger he shoots Breakin Bill in the leg disabling the criminal. Approaching the downed criminal Joe orders him to drop the weapon; Breakin Bill seeing that Joe is an expert shot complies; and while Joe is gaurding the wounded criminal Joes wife Plain Jane; calls the cops. 20 minutes later the cops arrive and take Breakin Bill to the hospital where he will recieve surgery and then be arrested and charged with breaking and entering; intent to committ murder and attempted assault with a deadly weapon. Thanks to the government for up holding Average Joe's right to bear arms he and his family are safe for one more night.

So which option would you prefer happen to you? The sad thing is Option 1 is becoming a more common occurence. Act now to prevent more Government gun bans and prevent Option 1 from occuring to you and your loved ones.

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Oldman said...

That's 2 pretty good scenarios. However, Option 2 has a serious flaw. After Breakin Bill is hauled off to the hospital and is fixed, stands trial and is to spend 10 to 15 in the Big House. He goes to the law library, studies up on civil law, then files a civil suit and sues Average Joe for 3 million dollars for Assault with a deadly weapon, intent to inflect bodily harm, and compensation for potently lost wages while serving time. The sad part is Breakin Bill would more than likely win!