Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Presidential Race

Over and Over; again and again; I see the same thing; the same statement; that statement says there are only 3 candidates left in the race for President. Heres the facts; there are 4; Ron Paul (R-Lake Jackson; 14th Congressional District of Texas) is still alive in the race. Despite mass media blackouts; scratch that; mass media whiteouts Ron has garnered more votes in the primaries and caucuses to date than many candidates have drawn in the General Presidential Election. One wonders why the media ignores Ron; is it because his message is a threat to big government; no income tax; secure borders; no foreign intervention; free commerce; no paying taxes on any tips the local diner waitress may recieve. All good things to me; yet this is percieved as a threat to the neocon Republicrats/Democraplicans.

Rons message also focuses on another big topic; Military.What the mass media wont tell you is this; Ron Paul is the biggest donation getter from any of the armed services; because he supports a strong national defense and a low international intervention; we Americans can not afford to go on like this; we can not keep using our troops to police this planet; we cannot afford it we are already broke because of this policy.

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